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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My first attachment to America!!

I could still remember clearly my first trip to the United State - the world economy's titan. It was the immersion program between NTU and MIT during my master degree course. We were in MIT for about a month. It was the most memorable period in my study life - full of stress(due to the piling homework!), excitement(first time seeing the Statue of Liberty), adventure(exploration to Niagara Fall!) and fun(duck tour around Boston).

Each moment during the trip was precious and unforgetable. Share with you my trails on such an incredible land!!

Boston - A city of intellectual. Here is where all the world-class universities namely MIT, Harvard and Stanford located at.

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was proud to be there.

This is the vehicle that we sat on for the ducktour around Boston city. It can move on the land and the water. Amazing!!

Oops, sorry to show you such a 'wet-look' after my ride into the Niagara Fall!

I was just at few more steps to cross the border of North America. The background is Canada!

A city view in New York.

Remember the movie of 'King Kong'??! That was my first impression on the State of Empire. *_*

Statue of Liberty - A symbol of peace!!

A far shot of New York City. Did you notice something over there?

The last masterpiece of twin towers!! I was there two months before the disaster of 911!!

Hope you have enjoyed the sharings so far. My diary on this continent will be continued in the next chapter. It is to mark down the most important moment of my life - my marriage registration and honeymoon.

Stay tuned!! *_*

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jewelry Collection from Korea... what do you think?

I am always looking for business opportunity to earn some extra money for my next trip. *_*... This time, I have discovered some excellent jewelry which I believe to have good market demand. All these jewelry are made in Korea. The design is unique and elegant. It fits well to the modern ladies who love vintage and classic accessories. For this post, I am showing only the genuine fresh water pearl collection. More to come in the near future!!

JW01: Fair Lady

JW02: Long Island

JW03: Cozy Blossom

JW04: Flying Butterfly

JW05: Little Sweet Heart

So, what do you think about the collection? Interested in getting one? There will definitely be discounted price for all my friends in this little blog!!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Useful Checklist for Backpack Trip Preparation

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine asked me for the items checklist for her backpack trip preparation to Cambodia. She was unsure about the way to manage it as that was her first backpack trip. So I passed her the list that I have been using for all my trips preparation so far. In this post, I would like to share with you this little piece of information too. Hopefully you will find it useful as well. *_* ...

Airline Tickets
Some local currency
USD cash - for back up as it is acceptable at anywhere
Traveller's checks
Electricity convertor- for camera, laptop and mobile phone battery charger

3 pants/jeans, 2 shorts - it is subjected to the period of travel.
Rain poncho
Hats or caps
Small umbrella - optional
5 short sleeve/long sleeve shirts - It is subjected to the season of travel
Underwear - Suggest to use the disposable type

Pens and candy (for village children)) - optional if you are going to third world countries
Garbage/cloth bag for dirty clothes
Nylon rope/wire fishing line- For tying up things, it is very useful *_*
Travel hooks - To hang any stuffs to your backpack bag, include your sneakers!!
Little camera, big camera, holders - A must to take down your memories
Small camera tripod
Swiss Knife - Multipurpose tool
Immersion heater for heating water
Small needle and thread kit - For 'emergency case'

Travel Aids
Lonely Planet Guidebook
Blow up pilllow - For long distance bus/train travel
Sleeping bag pouch - For dirty hotel beds
Backpack for day trips - For the convenience when walking around
Small calculator- for money conversion, especially important during price bargain!

First Aid kit
Doxycline - All purpose antiobiotic, especially good for 'traveller's diarrhea (important when you travel in the third world coutries)
Sunscreen/Sunblock - For ladies especially!
Melatonin - Natural sleeping and jet-lag agent
Kyolic - garlic medicine
Nutrobiotic - natural antibiotic made from grapefruit seeds
Vitamin B,C
Tissues: Small packages
Bactine-like products
Disinfectant liquid in hand-soap dispenser - Very useful
Towelettes for hands
Nail clippers - Or you will need to bite your nails!
Mylanta - indigestion medicine
Oscillococcinum- Homeopathic flu medicine
Pepto-Bismol tablets - very useful!
Chlorella tablets, spirulina
Throat Lozenges
"Green Ban" mosquito repellant
Hypodermic needles (in case you have to go to the hospital)
Body shower kit - Not all hotel/guest house provide shower sets

Flashlights - It is important for night adventure!
Knives - Swiss/multi-purpose, other sharp knife
Cable lock - Useful in trains to lock suitcase to train, prevents walking away...
Small locks - Always keep all bags locked
Money belt and/or passport pouch - The safest way to protect your valuables!
Clock radio alarm device - If you don't want to miss any seconds along the journey!

Laptop computer - optional
Extra memory cards
Extra camera battery - Use the lithium ion type as it is more lasting and weather-proof
Card reader - To transfer your photos to laptop
Some good pens - To jot down all the precious moments on the spot

Instant noodle- If you want to save cost
Herbal teas
Turkey-jerky (for a quick protein pickup)
Energy bars
Comfort food
Chewing gum - To 'brush' your teeth when travel in the overnight bus

Hopefully you find this checklist useful. By the way, do feel free to add on anything that I have missed out. You are more than welcome to comment!!!!

Enjoy your trip planning ahead!!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 5

After staying overnight at Laban Rata resort, we woke up at 3am in the next morning to continue our journey to the summit. Though we did not sleep well last night, each of us looked fresh and excited. We could not wait to make our footprint at the peak!

The entire journey to the summit was tough and memorable. We went through all the obstacles in the dark (a powerful touchlight was our best companion at that moment). At times, we had to climb up the steep slope with the ropes. Some of the points were so narrow and we had to be very careful with each step. As the oxygen level was lower at the higher altitude, our breath was getting heavier while we were proceeding.

Nevertheless, we had conquered all the fears and difficulties along the journey. Our persistency had brought us to the victory - the victory of pride and self-achievement. *_*

A family photo at Laban Rata Resort - after the exhausting trek!

The stunning cloudscape outside the resort!

The moment of victory! Yes, we have made it!!

The warmest and closest touch with the sun ray!

Do you notice the blushing fairy far over there?

The summit temperature was almost at the freezing point. It could be noticed from our frozen smile. *_*

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints!

A flying eagle in the blue sky. Want a ride?

The Donkey's ear - one of the major peaks at Kinabalu.

After staying at the peak for about an hour, we returned with heavy hearts.

Hold the rope, guys! The return journey was steep and challenging!

What a pose! The background was the entire view of Kundasang town.

It's the end of my chapter on Mt.Kinabalu hiking trip. Hopefully my little notes have been inspiring and useful to you. Seeing is believing, do explore the place by yourself if you like it! *_*

What's next? Well, it's my honeymoon trip to America - A journey that is full of romance, fun, excitement and relaxation. Most importantly, I have done my marriage registration there!

More to come soon, do stay tune!


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 4

.....Continued chapter of my Mesilau trek to Mt.Kinabalu. As promised earlier on, more stunning photos to come. Enjoy! *_*

What a fascinating view!

Does this jungle view look familiar to you? Have you seen 'Lord of the Ring'?

Lot of Bonsai plants were found at the higher altitude.

This place is definitely the paradise for those bonsai lovers.

'Photo in photo?' Another artistic shot!

The Heaven on Earth!! Amazing!!

My trails on this heaven-like place!

It was so great that we both have been there!

Laban Rata - the check point before we continue our journey to the peak in the next morning!

Don't miss the next chapter - the summit of the highest mountain in SE Asia! We were so proud to be there! *_*

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Warren Buffett's investment principles

I have been always looking for opportunities to multiply my income source. In fact, my target is to increase my passive income to prepare myself for earlier and better retirement. *_*... I am sure that it is the dream for many of you too. Thus, I would like to share with you some useful information on investment(one of the good vehicles to increase the money value)that I have learnt from one of the smartest person on earth - Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett, the ‘Sage of Omaha', is generally considered to be the world’s most successful investor. His investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, is legendary. The company, originally a textile company and an insurance company at the later stage, has become one of the world’s most successful investment stories through the investment wisdom and astute management of its managers.

I started knowing this big name couples of years back. Since then, I have been exploring different resources to know the secret of his success - to know how he became America’s second or third richest man, and a living legend.

According to Warren Buffett's investment principle, stock investments should be looked at in the same way as buying a business. The stock investor is really buying a tiny share or partnership and should apply the same principles that they would in buying a business.

There are few important factor this titan looks at before investing in a business. These can be summed up as below:

1. The company should be soundly managed. Tests of good management include:
- Share buybacks
- Good use of retained earnings
- Sticking to what you know

2. The company has demonstrated earning capacity with a likelihood that this will continue. Tests of earning capacity include:
- Company growth
- Dealing with inflation
- Capital expenditure
- Look through earnings
- Brand names

3. The company should have consistently high returns. Warren Buffett would look at both:
- Returns on equity
- Returns on capital

4. The company should have a prudent approach to debt.

5. The businesses of the company should be simple and the investor should have an understanding of the company.

6. Assuming that all these thresholds are satisfied, the investment should only be made at a reasonable price, with a margin of safety. This is always a matter for independent judgment by the investor but it is relevant to consider:
- Price/earnings ratios
- Earnings and Dividend yields
- Book value
- Comparative rates of return

7. Last but not the least, investors need to take a long term approach - value investing!

Hopefully this brief sharings is useful for you. For those who are interested in knowing more about Buffett principles in investment, recommend you this book - The book not only serves as a useful guide to understanding how Buffett invests, it's an excellent primer to investing in stocks too.

Where as for those who want to explore more on the general knowledge of money, finanace and investment, this is a great book for you - It illustrate concepts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures and options, spotting trends and evaluating companies in a very interesting and lively approach!

If you have any better idea on investment and ways of earning passive income, do feel free to drop your comments here!! You are highly wanted! *_*

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Malaysia Truly Asia, Visit Malaysia 2007!!

2007 is the Visit Malaysia Year. There was a grand opening of the Visit Malaysia Campaign at Titiwangsa Lake Garden last night. The event was awesome with the fantastic firework show. I felt so proud to be part of witnesses for such a memorable moment.

Malaysia truly Asia - it's the slogan that has been highlighted on all the advertisement boards. It reflects how unique our country is where everybody is living in peace and harmony.

As a Malaysian, I would like to contribute my effort to urge our friends from different corners on earth to pay a visit to this little country located in South East Asia. Here is the amazing place where you can see the wide diversity of culture, lifesytle, sceneries and people.

Seeing is believing!! Selamat Datang ke Malaysia (Welcome to Malaysia)!! *_*

Share with you a video on the new landmark of Kuala Lumpur - Eye on Malaysia.

Eye on Malaysia!!

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Monday, January 01, 2007

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 3

As planned earlier on, we have started our journey through the Mesilau trail. This alternative of summit trail was opened only in October 1998. Before the departure, we have been told that this route takes longer time (about 5-6 hours to Layang-Layang from Mesilau, as compared to 2-3 hours on the standard route to Timpohon Gate), and many parts are steep and slippery, particularly in wet weather. However, we still insisted on going for it as it was said to be full of fascinating sceneries!!

It has proven that we had made a right choice! The entire journey through Mesilau trail was full of surprises, fun and eye-opening sceneries!!

Personally I highly recommend you to try it out! You will never regret! *_~

The wooden stick is my best companion along the journey
because..... see below...

I passed by the rocky trail...

I walked through the slippery road with tree roots everywhere.....

Well, sometime we were happy to see the well-facilitated ladders... *_*

What a stream to cool ourselves down after a long climb!

A good shot of waterfall by my friend, Greg.

Oops, thinking of taking back some 'sacred water' as souvenir?!

Let's take a photo of this 'super team' before we move on...

More stunning views and experience to be shared in the next chapter!
Check it out later! See ya...

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The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 2

Before we started off for the climb of Mt.Kinabalu, we were firstly impressed by the scenery of Kinabalu National Park. Kinabalu National Park is located some 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu rises from the Kinabalu National Park at 4,092 metres above sea level (though previously thought to have an elevation of 4,101 metres). Mount Kinabalu is actually still growing by about a few centimetres every year.

In all, the Crocker Range is considered to be an active mountain system, although the possibility of earthquake or volcanic eruption is very remote.The journey takes on meandering mountain road with spectacular views of the Crocker Range.

One thing to highlight is - even if you are not climbing, there are definitely plenty of activities to do in Kinabalu National Park. The park headquarters boast quite a number of short hiking trails to enjoy the variety of plant species of the park. Besides, you can get to the charming highland town of Kundasang, some 5 minutes away from the park HQ(refer to the previuos map for the exact location). There are many roadside stalls selling fresh vegetables and fruits around the rolling hills of this cool mountain town.

Apart from that, you can get to Mesilau Nature Park, some 30 minutes away through partially paved roads. At 2,000 metres above sea level, Mesilau showcases a superb collection of mountain forest trees, wild ferns, etc.

As we took the Mesilau route to climb up to the mountain, we stayed overnight at Mesilau nature resort before the departure. The resort was so cozy and we wished to have more days to fully enjoy the atmosphere around it.

On the way to Mesilau Nature Park... spectacular view of Crocker Range!!

Some local fruits and vegetables stalls along the roadside

Mesilau Nature Park - a very cozy and relaxing stay!!

Ready?? Here we start our amazing journey to conquer the highest mountain in SE Asia!

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Happy New Year 2007!!

To my beloved friends,
It is new year again!! On the fist day of this piggy year, I would like to present my sincere 'polar' blessings to you. (I received this greeting from my friend, Christine. I love it so much. Would like to share with you too! *_*)

May all your dreams come true in the coming year. Most importantly, wishing you a new year with

Lot of relaxation - don't worry, be happy!!

Lot of hugs with you love ones..

Sleep more, look more handsome and prettier, *_~

Enjoy a bit of adventure, life will never be boring! :)

Good health, do more exercise (I will try to... :p)

And last but not the least, behave yourselves!
Don't be too naughty to disturb people around you!! Hahaha...

Again, wishing you a prosperous new year! Let's share all the precious moments together in the coming days.

Life will be full of colours through sharings!! *_~

With cares anf loves,

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