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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My first attachment to America!!

I could still remember clearly my first trip to the United State - the world economy's titan. It was the immersion program between NTU and MIT during my master degree course. We were in MIT for about a month. It was the most memorable period in my study life - full of stress(due to the piling homework!), excitement(first time seeing the Statue of Liberty), adventure(exploration to Niagara Fall!) and fun(duck tour around Boston).

Each moment during the trip was precious and unforgetable. Share with you my trails on such an incredible land!!

Boston - A city of intellectual. Here is where all the world-class universities namely MIT, Harvard and Stanford located at.

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was proud to be there.

This is the vehicle that we sat on for the ducktour around Boston city. It can move on the land and the water. Amazing!!

Oops, sorry to show you such a 'wet-look' after my ride into the Niagara Fall!

I was just at few more steps to cross the border of North America. The background is Canada!

A city view in New York.

Remember the movie of 'King Kong'??! That was my first impression on the State of Empire. *_*

Statue of Liberty - A symbol of peace!!

A far shot of New York City. Did you notice something over there?

The last masterpiece of twin towers!! I was there two months before the disaster of 911!!

Hope you have enjoyed the sharings so far. My diary on this continent will be continued in the next chapter. It is to mark down the most important moment of my life - my marriage registration and honeymoon.

Stay tuned!! *_*

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