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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Useful Checklist for Backpack Trip Preparation

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine asked me for the items checklist for her backpack trip preparation to Cambodia. She was unsure about the way to manage it as that was her first backpack trip. So I passed her the list that I have been using for all my trips preparation so far. In this post, I would like to share with you this little piece of information too. Hopefully you will find it useful as well. *_* ...

Airline Tickets
Some local currency
USD cash - for back up as it is acceptable at anywhere
Traveller's checks
Electricity convertor- for camera, laptop and mobile phone battery charger

3 pants/jeans, 2 shorts - it is subjected to the period of travel.
Rain poncho
Hats or caps
Small umbrella - optional
5 short sleeve/long sleeve shirts - It is subjected to the season of travel
Underwear - Suggest to use the disposable type

Pens and candy (for village children)) - optional if you are going to third world countries
Garbage/cloth bag for dirty clothes
Nylon rope/wire fishing line- For tying up things, it is very useful *_*
Travel hooks - To hang any stuffs to your backpack bag, include your sneakers!!
Little camera, big camera, holders - A must to take down your memories
Small camera tripod
Swiss Knife - Multipurpose tool
Immersion heater for heating water
Small needle and thread kit - For 'emergency case'

Travel Aids
Lonely Planet Guidebook
Blow up pilllow - For long distance bus/train travel
Sleeping bag pouch - For dirty hotel beds
Backpack for day trips - For the convenience when walking around
Small calculator- for money conversion, especially important during price bargain!

First Aid kit
Doxycline - All purpose antiobiotic, especially good for 'traveller's diarrhea (important when you travel in the third world coutries)
Sunscreen/Sunblock - For ladies especially!
Melatonin - Natural sleeping and jet-lag agent
Kyolic - garlic medicine
Nutrobiotic - natural antibiotic made from grapefruit seeds
Vitamin B,C
Tissues: Small packages
Bactine-like products
Disinfectant liquid in hand-soap dispenser - Very useful
Towelettes for hands
Nail clippers - Or you will need to bite your nails!
Mylanta - indigestion medicine
Oscillococcinum- Homeopathic flu medicine
Pepto-Bismol tablets - very useful!
Chlorella tablets, spirulina
Throat Lozenges
"Green Ban" mosquito repellant
Hypodermic needles (in case you have to go to the hospital)
Body shower kit - Not all hotel/guest house provide shower sets

Flashlights - It is important for night adventure!
Knives - Swiss/multi-purpose, other sharp knife
Cable lock - Useful in trains to lock suitcase to train, prevents walking away...
Small locks - Always keep all bags locked
Money belt and/or passport pouch - The safest way to protect your valuables!
Clock radio alarm device - If you don't want to miss any seconds along the journey!

Laptop computer - optional
Extra memory cards
Extra camera battery - Use the lithium ion type as it is more lasting and weather-proof
Card reader - To transfer your photos to laptop
Some good pens - To jot down all the precious moments on the spot

Instant noodle- If you want to save cost
Herbal teas
Turkey-jerky (for a quick protein pickup)
Energy bars
Comfort food
Chewing gum - To 'brush' your teeth when travel in the overnight bus

Hopefully you find this checklist useful. By the way, do feel free to add on anything that I have missed out. You are more than welcome to comment!!!!

Enjoy your trip planning ahead!!

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