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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Footprints at Himalayan Moutain Range - Part 6

My journey from Chomrong to Tadapani was another memorable one. It was the third day after my terrible time with food poisoining. I was still quite weak and feeling tired along the trek. However, my mood was much better after meeting Babu (it means 'boy' in Nepali). He was such a chubby and playful boy. We had good time during the stay at Tadapani - a little guesthouse in the jungle!

Walk and walk and walk.... this road seemed to be no ending...

Anyway, I felt proud to be there.. a marvellous mountain view!

Let's stop for a while and enjoy the greenery of the paddy field.

We met a lot of local people busy with their living along the journey..

Relax guy, let's have a nap on the spacious field before your lunch...

This was my lunch - a teapot of hot lemon. Poor me!!

Me and my spanish friends!

Me and Babu!!

Another great series of sunrise shots at Annapurna Range.

A special meal experience with the wonder of nature!

And now.... we shall move on to another part of my Nepal journey - the most thrilling one in my travel life. We met a terrible snow storm on our journey!! Luckily we are still alive!

Share with you this preciuos moments soon...


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