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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 4

.....Continued chapter of my Mesilau trek to Mt.Kinabalu. As promised earlier on, more stunning photos to come. Enjoy! *_*

What a fascinating view!

Does this jungle view look familiar to you? Have you seen 'Lord of the Ring'?

Lot of Bonsai plants were found at the higher altitude.

This place is definitely the paradise for those bonsai lovers.

'Photo in photo?' Another artistic shot!

The Heaven on Earth!! Amazing!!

My trails on this heaven-like place!

It was so great that we both have been there!

Laban Rata - the check point before we continue our journey to the peak in the next morning!

Don't miss the next chapter - the summit of the highest mountain in SE Asia! We were so proud to be there! *_*

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