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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Las Vegas - Miracle in the desert!!

Besides the wonderful moment that we had for the marriage registration, our Las Vegas trip was really an eye-opening one. It is the only place with such a huge collection of world class hotels. We had incredibly good time by visiting those hotels and casinoes. The settings and architecture of the hotels were magnificent and stunning!!! The town was so happening and sleepless throughout the night.

Las Vegas - The man-made miracle in desert. It is the most luxurious city that I have ever been!!

Share with you the 'must-visit' spots in Las Vegas!!

A scene of Las Vegas street!!

The colourful neon lightings were seen everywhere that lived up the city!!

Splendid and grand - Monte Carlo Hotel

Place with excitements - New York New York Hotel

The newly eponed hotel - Wynn Hotel

One of the oldest hotel in town - Circus Circus

Rebuild of Colosseum - The Caesars Palace !!

Sense of romance - The Effeil Tower

One of the richest hotel group in town - MGM!!

Oasis in desert - Mirage Hotel!!

More stunning photos to come next. Don't miss it!!*_*


Anonymous Gary said...

Kim, I like your blog. I think that plenty of photos bring the whole experience to life.
I have only recently decided to put my previous world travel into a blog. I have loads of photos etc and your site gives me an idea of how to present a good blog. Incidentally, Malaysia is the next port of call in my blog. Have a look if you like and tell me what you think :-
I would value your opinion & any suggestions.

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a nice selection of Las Vegas hotel photos. The one of Circus Circus is especially interesting as it has such a Parisian look to it! Not only is this one of the oldest hotels in the region, it is also still one of the most popular, though personally I think that the Monte Carlo hotel is nicer ;-)

4:46 AM  

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