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Monday, April 16, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Moutain Range - Part 5

My nightmare started on the fourth day of the trek. I was suffering from terrible food poisoining at Sinuwa. As Sinuwa is the last village before reaching the snow mountain, the temperature was extremely low during the night. I had a horribly sleepless night due to the tedious circumstances.

On the next morning, I was weak and exhausted. However, I decided to proceed to the snow mountain though I was advised by the tour guide that it might not be advisable to continue the journey due to my weakness. The journey seemed to be long and challegning to me. Every step of mine looked so heavy...

At last, my condition got worse. Could not really continue the journey anymore. Moreover, we were told that there was a heavy snow at Annarpurna Base Camp(ABC) on the previuos night. Most of the hostels at ABC were closed. Hence, due to all the unexpected cases, we decided to turned back.

Though we did not make it to ABC, our experience along the way was still an amazing one. Always heard from friend that : The destination is not important, most importantly is the journey along the way. I really buy it in this case. At least, I have given myself a good try!! *_*

Sinuwa - the last farming village before reaching ABC

With heavy and slow steps, I was heading to ABC....

A good view point to see the entire Annapurna Range

Few marvellous snap shots of the Annapurna Range!

Gosh, my stomach was struggling for 'second world war'...

Due to the uncertain weather, we had no choice but to reverse to other destinations..

I was badly dehydrated, had to take rest after each short trek...

What a dilenma - really feeling like giving up!!

Our way was long, steep and exhausting.... especially with my restless body..

Anway, at last we made it to the next checkpoint Tadapani. That was where I met Babu - a little boy who was lovely and adorable.

Share with you the video clip in the next chapter. See yeah..


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