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Monday, January 01, 2007

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 3

As planned earlier on, we have started our journey through the Mesilau trail. This alternative of summit trail was opened only in October 1998. Before the departure, we have been told that this route takes longer time (about 5-6 hours to Layang-Layang from Mesilau, as compared to 2-3 hours on the standard route to Timpohon Gate), and many parts are steep and slippery, particularly in wet weather. However, we still insisted on going for it as it was said to be full of fascinating sceneries!!

It has proven that we had made a right choice! The entire journey through Mesilau trail was full of surprises, fun and eye-opening sceneries!!

Personally I highly recommend you to try it out! You will never regret! *_~

The wooden stick is my best companion along the journey
because..... see below...

I passed by the rocky trail...

I walked through the slippery road with tree roots everywhere.....

Well, sometime we were happy to see the well-facilitated ladders... *_*

What a stream to cool ourselves down after a long climb!

A good shot of waterfall by my friend, Greg.

Oops, thinking of taking back some 'sacred water' as souvenir?!

Let's take a photo of this 'super team' before we move on...

More stunning views and experience to be shared in the next chapter!
Check it out later! See ya...

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