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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Mountain Range - Part 3

From Pokhara to Nayapul, it took us for about one and half hour by cab. It was the point to begin the journey to Annapurna Range.

The first day trek was easy and relaxing. The trace was quite flat and not much of climbing required. We passed by the small villages and walked along the Modi Khola(Modi River). The entire view of the valley was magnificient. It was incredibily enlightening and refreshing. It is indeed the heaven on earth!!

Share with you this Himalayan Shangri-la!!

Ready? Go! Here is the starting point of our journey.

The 'sacred' water from Himalayan range.

Our footprints along the way...

Mother and son... opps.. she is a girl! :P

My hubby and his favourite flowers .. well, not a good match though.. haha. .

Namaste!! That is the way Nepali hold their hands while giving the warm greeting!

A small trace, a remote village, a simple life..

My first Himalayan meal - Dal rice(the typical Nepali meal) and fried rice.

The fascinating view of paddy fields on the mountain.

A perfect color combination!

Shangri la - heaven on earth....

Crossing the river, heading to the next check point..

The most challenging and adventurous part was yet to begin...

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Monday, March 26, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Mountain Range - Part 2

After getting off from the flight at Kathmandu, we headed to Pokhara directly. It took us about 7 hours to reach Pokhara.

Pokhara - the second largest city in Nepal. Though it is not as big as Kathmandu, I like this town better than the capital city. I found this town to be simple, clean and peaceful. These were the elements that Kathmandu is lacking of.

Our one night stay at Pokhara had refreshed us much before we started off for our 'back to the nature' adventure!!

Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Nepal - I was the only female passanger on the flight!!

This is the 'luxurious' bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara (quoted from the local people)

Plenty of flowers were found along the way. This is my hubby's favourite!

Kacang putih(the mixture of beans) - a typical indian food.

A commonly found food in the local market - the fried river fish. Dare to try?

Our 'bangalow' at Pokhara - a very cozy stay!

A 'funny' tree found on the main street of Pokhara.

The breathtaking morning view from Pokhara Lake!

Another masterpiece of mine! Superb!

Soon, we are starting our engines for the adventurous trekking trip. Are you ready??!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Mountain Range - Part 1

My recent trip to Nepal was the fantastic one. It was a breakthrough in my travel life. Never believed that I could walk for more than 15km a day crossing the rivers, valleys and the moutain path. Along the journey, I have brought myself the closest to the nature. The feeling was indeed marvellous!

To share with you further on my trip, below was the actual route that we have been to in the 10 days trip:

Day 1: Arrive at Kathmandu . From Kathmandu to Pokhara.
Day 2 :Drive to Nayapol- New Bridge
Day 3: New Bridge - Chomrong
Day 4: Chomrong - Sinuwa
Day 5: Sinuwa - Chomrong
Day 6: Chomrong - Tadapani
Day 7: Tadapani to Ghodepani
Day 8: Ghodepani - Birethatri
Day 9: Drive back to Pokhara.
Day 10: Day trip at Kathmandu. Midnight flight.

Here is the map to illustrate the route better.

Though the actual route was different from the original plan (due to the bad weather condition), I still found that it was an inspiring trip. Those inspirations have left a great impact on my travel diaries.... and even my daily life....

HI, I AM BACK!!! *_*

Halloooooo, my dear friends,
Namaste!! 你好吗??(Way to say hi in Nepalese and Chinese) How are you guys going on?? I have been away from my blogging life for about one month. Really miss you people!!

I am sorry if I have turned down some of our friends who used to visit my blog. Think I have not been posting my new journals for quite sometime. Anyway, I AM BACK NOW!!!

This time I have brought with me plenty of great sharings and photos from my recent trips to Nepal and Shanghai!!

So do stay tune with me please. More exciting sharings are beginning soon!! *_*

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Insights of the luxury...

Besides the luxurious and grand achitecture of the outlook, different hotel at Las Vegas applied various method or selling point to attract customers. Some of the ideas are creative and amazing ! Below are some of the examples that impressed me so much!!

A mini zoo for the 'king' of white tiger!!

A cozy reception with the warm welcome from aquatics!

A man-made volcano eruption in the desert!!

An exciting pilot show outside the hotel!!

A palace-liked hotel entrance...

Collection of ancient treasures!

One of the most breath-taking interior design at the hotel lobby!!

A world that is full of colors and imagination...

The most luxurious wash-room entrance that I have ever been!

A toilet that is full of pure marble granite!!

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