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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 5

After staying overnight at Laban Rata resort, we woke up at 3am in the next morning to continue our journey to the summit. Though we did not sleep well last night, each of us looked fresh and excited. We could not wait to make our footprint at the peak!

The entire journey to the summit was tough and memorable. We went through all the obstacles in the dark (a powerful touchlight was our best companion at that moment). At times, we had to climb up the steep slope with the ropes. Some of the points were so narrow and we had to be very careful with each step. As the oxygen level was lower at the higher altitude, our breath was getting heavier while we were proceeding.

Nevertheless, we had conquered all the fears and difficulties along the journey. Our persistency had brought us to the victory - the victory of pride and self-achievement. *_*

A family photo at Laban Rata Resort - after the exhausting trek!

The stunning cloudscape outside the resort!

The moment of victory! Yes, we have made it!!

The warmest and closest touch with the sun ray!

Do you notice the blushing fairy far over there?

The summit temperature was almost at the freezing point. It could be noticed from our frozen smile. *_*

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints!

A flying eagle in the blue sky. Want a ride?

The Donkey's ear - one of the major peaks at Kinabalu.

After staying at the peak for about an hour, we returned with heavy hearts.

Hold the rope, guys! The return journey was steep and challenging!

What a pose! The background was the entire view of Kundasang town.

It's the end of my chapter on Mt.Kinabalu hiking trip. Hopefully my little notes have been inspiring and useful to you. Seeing is believing, do explore the place by yourself if you like it! *_*

What's next? Well, it's my honeymoon trip to America - A journey that is full of romance, fun, excitement and relaxation. Most importantly, I have done my marriage registration there!

More to come soon, do stay tune!


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