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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The incredible hiking mission of 2006!! - Part 1

I have been travelling to different places around the world. However, my journey to Mt.Kinabalu was one of the amazing breakthroughs in my personal travel history. I never expect myself to be there as I thought it will be too tough to reach the summit of the highest mountain in South East Asia!!.

Well, thing happened out of our expectation. We were so lucky to get the promotional tickets from Airasia(again?!). Initially we were a bit hesistative. Not sure if we could make it to the peak. Anyway, since everything seemed to be ready for us, we had conquered our fear and determined to take the challenge!!

There were some important preparation steps before the departure. Firstly, we had to determine the hiking route. Basically there were two alternatives for the summit trail.
1. Mesilau - Laban Rata - Summit or
2. Timpohon - Laban Rata - Summit

My friend advised us to take the Mesilau trek to go up and take the Timpohon trek when come down. With this, we can then enjoy scenery of both of the trails!! Well, I would say that we have made a right choice!! *_*

After deciding on the hike route, we booked the accommodation. This was important especially during the peak season (sometime in May, it is the best month to visit the mountain) as there were limited bed seats in Laban Rata resorts.

Below is the trail map for those who might be interested. More details of the journey will be elaborated in my coming chapters!!

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