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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Footprints at Himalayan Moutain Range - Part 6

My journey from Chomrong to Tadapani was another memorable one. It was the third day after my terrible time with food poisoining. I was still quite weak and feeling tired along the trek. However, my mood was much better after meeting Babu (it means 'boy' in Nepali). He was such a chubby and playful boy. We had good time during the stay at Tadapani - a little guesthouse in the jungle!

Walk and walk and walk.... this road seemed to be no ending...

Anyway, I felt proud to be there.. a marvellous mountain view!

Let's stop for a while and enjoy the greenery of the paddy field.

We met a lot of local people busy with their living along the journey..

Relax guy, let's have a nap on the spacious field before your lunch...

This was my lunch - a teapot of hot lemon. Poor me!!

Me and my spanish friends!

Me and Babu!!

Another great series of sunrise shots at Annapurna Range.

A special meal experience with the wonder of nature!

And now.... we shall move on to another part of my Nepal journey - the most thrilling one in my travel life. We met a terrible snow storm on our journey!! Luckily we are still alive!

Share with you this preciuos moments soon...

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Monday, April 16, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Moutain Range - Part 5

My nightmare started on the fourth day of the trek. I was suffering from terrible food poisoining at Sinuwa. As Sinuwa is the last village before reaching the snow mountain, the temperature was extremely low during the night. I had a horribly sleepless night due to the tedious circumstances.

On the next morning, I was weak and exhausted. However, I decided to proceed to the snow mountain though I was advised by the tour guide that it might not be advisable to continue the journey due to my weakness. The journey seemed to be long and challegning to me. Every step of mine looked so heavy...

At last, my condition got worse. Could not really continue the journey anymore. Moreover, we were told that there was a heavy snow at Annarpurna Base Camp(ABC) on the previuos night. Most of the hostels at ABC were closed. Hence, due to all the unexpected cases, we decided to turned back.

Though we did not make it to ABC, our experience along the way was still an amazing one. Always heard from friend that : The destination is not important, most importantly is the journey along the way. I really buy it in this case. At least, I have given myself a good try!! *_*

Sinuwa - the last farming village before reaching ABC

With heavy and slow steps, I was heading to ABC....

A good view point to see the entire Annapurna Range

Few marvellous snap shots of the Annapurna Range!

Gosh, my stomach was struggling for 'second world war'...

Due to the uncertain weather, we had no choice but to reverse to other destinations..

I was badly dehydrated, had to take rest after each short trek...

What a dilenma - really feeling like giving up!!

Our way was long, steep and exhausting.... especially with my restless body..

Anway, at last we made it to the next checkpoint Tadapani. That was where I met Babu - a little boy who was lovely and adorable.

Share with you the video clip in the next chapter. See yeah..

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Mountain Range - Part 4

After walking for more than 6 hours, we stayed overnight at Hiunchuli Lodge at New Bridge. It was a simple stone house with few rooms. As it was still the off peak season, we were the only guests in the hostel!!

The lodge's owner is a farming couple. This is the usual case in Himalaya. Most of the villagers earn living from farming. Those people who can afford to build a proper house will rent out the rooms for tourists to earn more extra income during the peak season of tourism.

We had a cozy dream after the exhausting day. I was so excited in the next morning as I saw snow mountain!!! It was the Annapurna South!! Marvellous!

And we had one of the most wonderful breakfast I have ever had before we started off for the more challenging journey!

A simple hut where we had our first dream in Himalaya...

Corn bread, prata, snow mountain... what a fantastic start of the day!

Here is the kitchen. Believe it not? It is also the bedroom for the family of three!

Jhinu- a village along the journey.

Chomrong - One of the biggest villages in Himalaya.

A good viewpoint to see Fish Tail snow mountain during the good weather.

Fire woods were piling up for cooking and heating purpose.

A primary school at Chomrong.

The sense of innocence that hardly be found in the city child.

A far shot of avalanche happened at the snow mountain area. Superb!!

After having a break at Chomrong, we headed to Sinuwa. It was the last farming village before reaching Annapurna snow mountain range. And..... our nightmare started there. Something happened and changed our original plan into another terrific experience that we did not expect for.....