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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Malaysia Truly Asia, Visit Malaysia 2007!!

2007 is the Visit Malaysia Year. There was a grand opening of the Visit Malaysia Campaign at Titiwangsa Lake Garden last night. The event was awesome with the fantastic firework show. I felt so proud to be part of witnesses for such a memorable moment.

Malaysia truly Asia - it's the slogan that has been highlighted on all the advertisement boards. It reflects how unique our country is where everybody is living in peace and harmony.

As a Malaysian, I would like to contribute my effort to urge our friends from different corners on earth to pay a visit to this little country located in South East Asia. Here is the amazing place where you can see the wide diversity of culture, lifesytle, sceneries and people.

Seeing is believing!! Selamat Datang ke Malaysia (Welcome to Malaysia)!! *_*

Share with you a video on the new landmark of Kuala Lumpur - Eye on Malaysia.

Eye on Malaysia!!

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