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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Las Vegas - The place where we tied the knots...

It was 1st Nov 2005 when I returned to America. It was my second time to such a wonderful country. This time we were in Las Vegas - The most memorable journey between 'me' and 'him'. With the remote blessings from my family and friends over the other corner of the world, we registered our marriage in this world wedding capital.

My friends asked me :'Why do you choose to get married in Las Vegas??'... I always replied:'It is easier to divorce next time'... haha, just kidding!! In fact, there is no specific reason on this. I just hope to make my life-time event to be more special and unforgettable. And it has proven that we have made a right choice. It is no doubt the most precious moment in my memory box, ever and forever.......

Share with you the piece and parcel of my life-time event...

Before we conducted the wedding ceremony, we were required to get the marriage license at the wedding bureau.

Then, we had to look for a local church for our wedding ceremony. This step is important to validate our marriage certificate. There were many chapels found around the area.

This is one of the white chapels that is big and prominent.

Most of the chapels open everday, from morning to midnight!!

We have been searching around for the chapel that fits the best to our 'criteria' .....

Finally we found this - The stained glass chapel, a simple and cozy place...

It was me, the bride on the wedding day....*_*

A macho groom waiting besides his 'limousine'...:P

We had our 'garden wedding' here....

We are '2 in 1' from now onwards....

Our love 'mark'....*_*

Found it interesting? Ever thought of having your wedding in Las Vegas as well? *_*... Do frop me a message if you wish to. I am more than happy to share with you the notes.

Well, my next chapter will be sharing on the other face of Las Vegas. Besides the romance that we had, Las Vegas is the most renown entertainment city in the world. The luxurios hotels and the exciting night activities along the street had fill up our nights with endless fun.

The game is going to begin soon. Stay tuned!! .....

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