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Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Footprints at Himalaya Moutain Range - Part 7

After missing ABC(Annapurna Base Camp), we had been looking forwards to Poon Hill as we were told that it was the best view point to enjoy Annapurna Range. Hence, I insisted on continuing the journey though I was exhausted from the food poisoining!!

Well, bad things seemed to surround us along the journey. When we were heading to Ghodepali(a village to stay overnight before hiking Poon Hill), we met snow storm! Initially I was so exhilarant as it was the only few times I saw snow. However, things did not go as exciting as we thought. The snow got heavier while we walking. At times, wind blew fiercely and blocked our vision from the road in front. We had no choice but to squat down to wait for the wind to halt. We were once nearly blown away by the wind to the valley!!!

What a terrific yet precious experience. I will never forget it - my trace on the Himalayan snow !

Crossing bridge, passing by the white jungle..

Yeah, it started to snow, what a lovely scene!

A hot tea in the hostel while enjoying the snow scene out there. Superb!

Well, time to move on after the fabulous lunch..

Trees and leaves along the way were covered with white dressing...

Sorry to show such a sour face, I felt really uncomfortable in the rain coat :(

Hurray!!!! My scream was completely covered by the noice of the strong wind!!

Thanks god, the strong wind finally halted, we continued our journey on the white field..

Finally we were there - Ghodepali!!

Our first snow men - great artwork, right? :)

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