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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My online bookstore is opened NOW!!

Howdy folks! My online bookstore is finally on now! It is a good chance for me to share great books that I have gone through with people in the same interests. *_*

Basically there are two main sections in my book corner - business and travel. These are the topics that I have been sharing a lot in my weblog. In the business section, I would like to recommend some books that I have personally gained much insights from. The business topics are divided into four aspects:

1. Investment - some tricks on value investing, stocks trading and etc
2. General business concept - some creative business concepts that I have come across
3. Sales and marketing - great books on enhancing the marketing skills
4. Internet business - something about this fast-growing industry

As for the travel section, I have compiled all the great books that I used for my travel preparation in the past. These are the books that I found useful as the travel companions. *_*. The book range comprises all the countries that I have been to so far.

1. Malaysia - My home country!Malaysia truly Asia!! Visit Malaysia 2007!
2. Singapore - My second home - with lot of memories..
3. Thailand - My first backpacking destination!
4. Cambodia - A sacred visit to the lost empire!!
6. Vietnam - A simple town, a humble city!
7. Hong Kong - My first oversea Christmas. A city that never sleeps!!
8. China (Shangri La) - The heaven on earth!!
9. Taiwan - An oriental city with different 'taste'and 'colors'!!
10. Australia - Back to the nature!! A truly relaxing journey!
11. France - A journey full of romance and surprises!!
12. Italy - Here, I found the most delicious ice-cream that I have ever had! :P
13. Switzerland - The most fascinating land that I have ever seen!!
14. Vatican - The smallest country, the biggest content
15. New York - I was there one month before the disaster of 911!
16. Boston - A cozy place where most of the world-class intellectuals were born!!
17. Niagara Fall -An incredible touch with the natural wonder!
18. Los Angeles - My first Disney visit!! *_*
19. San Francisco - My honeymoon trip!! *_*
20. Las Vegas - The most luxurious city in the world!
21. Grand Canyon - A spectacular creation by God!!
22. India - A country of contrasts!!

Apart from the books recommendataion, all the related topics highlighted above will be elaborated through my blog sharings in the future. Do keep an eye closely on it!

Enjoy your reading!! *_~


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