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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A visit to the Lost City of Angkor

Last August, we managed to get the cheap flight tickets to Siem Reap through Airasia promotion. Our target was to visit one of the wonders of the world - Angkor Wat!!It was a journey with lot of surprises!! The first surprise started when we first stepped on the land of Siem Reap.

We were first impressed by the exclusive architeture of Siem Reap airport. According to the officer, it was just newly completed in July 2006. We were so lucky to be the few first batches of visitors to be in such an exotic building. The airport was built through the joint venture between a French company and the Cambodian government. The architecture of the building looked modern and homely. We have captured plenty of shots on almost every corners of the resort-like building.

After coming out from the Airport, we were fetched by a local tour guide that we have reserved before the departure. As the tour package that we have chosen was just the budget one(USD138/person inclusive of food, transport and entrance fee for the entire journey), we did not expect too much on the quality of the arrangement. However, out of our expectation, we were sitted in a Toyota Camry with a private driver and a well-mannered tour guide!! This was the first time we felt being treated like a king and a queen!! Haha!!

It was indeed a great starting for our journey to such a mysteric place. A lot more surprises and fun ahead!!

Stay tuned!! *_*

Some snap shots for you as the appertizer of the journey!! *_*

sUmsVaKmnĀ¾ !!!(Meaning 'Welcome!'in Khmer language - an official Cambodian language)

A resort-like international airport!! Superb!!

The waiting hall is cozy and well facilitated. Do you notice the cool and slim LCD TV in the picture?


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