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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

First impression on India...Bangalore instead.. .

Last week, I was on business trip to Bangalore - one of the most fast-growing city in India. It is informally called as the Silicon Valley of India as most of the IT services from US are outsourced to this miraculous place. I was expecting something advanced and different in the place before the departure. However, things ended up totally out of my expectation.

The most interesting part is the contrast of the city - the contrast between the modern and the traditional, the rich and the poor. As I was told that Bangalore will be fully covered with wireless service next year, the city is imagined to be well developed with modern infrastruture. However, while the city is advancing in such a high speed for the IT development, the basic facilities in town is still a big doubt!! I was so surprised to see the chaotic traffic in the city. Hornings can be heard almost every where at every second. It seemed to be a norm for the drivers to release stress on the road by horning. What a terrible noise pollution!

Due to the fast pace on IT developement, most of the youngster in India are making good money in the multinational IT firms. Thus, the disparity between the rich and the poverty is getting significant. When I was on my way to the office, I could clearly see the social gap from the buildings.

Here are some pictures that reflect the my points. Enjoy! *_*

Chaotic traffic with irritating noise pollution!!

Cows can be seen everywhere on the road!One of the main contributors to traffic jam!

Significant contrast between the new development and tradisional life within the same place!

Insufficiency in infrastruture!

Well, this is my first impression on Bangalore. A land of contrast that is full of surprises!!

More to share in the next chapter... stay tuned!!



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