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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It is India that brings me here... unbelievable..

This is my first post to this blog. Have been thinking of the best name for my blog. Finally, I have decided to use 'saunf-kim'. Kim is my English name where as Saunf is a type of spice that India people use to consume after their meal to refresh their mouths. (and I love it so much!! *_*)

Well, I have taken a big step in starting my blog. Have been lazy to make the first move since half a year ago. Till when I was inspired by the things that I have seen in my recent trip to India. It was a great one. Just feel that I should jot down all the memorable moments and good things in life and share them with people. Life will be more meaningful through sharings.

Hence, this will become the little space for me to express my thoughts and discoveries in my two major interests - travel experience and business opportunity. By exploring for new business opportunities, I hope to be financially free soon!!By then, I can truly enjoy my travel journey to every corner of the world. Ultimately, I wish to be one of those to the space too!! *_*

Hopefully my sharings will be useful to you!!

Do feel free to join the chat!! Let's enlighten the space together!! *_~


One of my favourite photos - Babies from Bangalore city...


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