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Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's fun in Bangalore??..

Well, I have been talking too much of bad things about Bangalore since my first post. It is time to share on the good side now. *_*....What's fun in Bangalore??.. let's see....

Yeah, I managed to get my first sarees during my trip in Bangalore. In fact, sarees is very common in India. Almost every lady on the street wears sarees.It reflects that Indian are still very concerned about their tradition. Various type of saress could be found in Bangalore. The price is cheap and the quality is superb!! I have invited my colleagues to go for the sarees shopping with me for better price bargain!! (Well, this is always the shopping trick for a foreigner to get cheap and good stuffs!! ):P

Apart from the sarees shopping, I have visited some of the places of interested around Bangalore too, namely the parliment, some temples and palaces as well as the local river that the public used to spend their weekend at. And most importantly, I was so lucky to be invited to my colleague's house during the weekend. We had a tremendously wonderful time.

One of the Hindu temples that I have visited. Very similar to the ones that I have seen in Cambodia.

The local people like to spend their time at the river. They believe that taking shower with the sacred water will be blessed with good luck.

I was shocked when seeing the Parliment in Bangalore. It is so grand and magnificent!

Another great architectural creation in India!

Sarees fitting time!!"Eee... maybe this color is a bit too bright for me.."

Alrigth, it's time to make a full stop for my India trip for this moment.

Good bye, India!! I will be back soon!!

More interesting stuffs will be shared in the near future. See you soon..



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