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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to survive in India??

The most interesting experience of mine in India was the food over there. I have been hearing a lot of bad experience from my friends about the meals in India. Hence, I was ready for the worst case before my departure. I was worried whether I could survive in India for one week if I could not cope with the food over there.

Well, things turned up to be fine with me. In fact, I quite like some of the typical food like voda, dosa, samosa and their sambal. It is superb and delicious!! My India collegue is good at finding nice food. Hence, I had been fed with various fantastic Indian cuisine throughout my entire journey.

Though I enjoyed my meals much, there was still a case which I found really ridiculous. I once ordered a cup of lime juice that mixed with masala - mixture of different India spice! It was the most disgusting drink I have ever drunk in my life!! Surprisingly, it is a very common drink in India!!

Anyway, my eating experience in India is a memorable one. Through the understanding on the India cuisine, I have learnt much on the culture and life style of Indian people.

I believe I have fallen in love with the food there....yummy!! :P

The common snack in India - Samosa(curry puff), bean(kacang putih)with special gravy. They are truly hot and spicy!

Guess what is this??? Bingo, it is the masala lime juice!! Dare to taste?? :P

Gooshh, what an ugly way of eating!!

What a fabulous breakfast!! Rice cake, samosa with spicy sambal and a cup of exotic coffee.


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